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I’m Andrea Hope, gallery owner, arts administrator, art history educator and writer.

My primary area of interest is Modern Art, and my writing covers the period from Romanticism through to Abstract art – with a focus on Paris between the early 19th Century through to the mid 20th Century.


My aim through this blog, Stories about Modern Art, is to help make learning about art history easy and engaging.

If you are enjoying these stories I hope you will check out my e-course. As well as discovering more about the artists and their art, there are also sections of the history of France, which resulted so many innovations in painting. For example, what was happening in the mid 1800s that led to Impressionism, and why was this style of art so unacceptable at the time? How did Impressionism change the way in which artists marketed their work, to give them greater opportunities to make sales? How important were the Paris salons, commercial galleries and individual patrons? And in what ways did Impressionism open up even greater advances in art?

Why was France, and Paris in particular, so central to artistic innovation until the mid 1900s, and what changed at that time?

There are also sections on colour theory, and an explanation of the key art terms, to help you better understand how and why artists constructed their works using particular techniques.

The course has been very carefully researched, so it’s suitable not only for adults who simply have a love of learning about art, it is also extremely suitable for teachers, and students finishing secondary school, or commencing university. As well as my explanations, there are links to other key resources, including videos, art museums and articles.

Lots of opportunity to complete exercises and comment on each  module within the program. For more information about enrolment, visit the website.

You can also visit Kiama Art Gallery online to find both French and Australian artworks.

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