About the writer

These stories are written by Andrea Hope, owner of Kiama Art Gallery, which specialises in European and Australian artworks, particularly works on paper.

My favourite period of art is the early 20th century, and I’ve been researching art history for many years.

I have a BA in Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (amongst other tertiary quals). And, I’ve been an adult educator for many years, so I know how adults like to learn.

With a love of both writing and art, it seemed logical to develop an e-course on Modern Art, and my blog contains short stories from the course.

I’ve also been involved in a number of local art projects – as well as owning a small gallery, I set up the regional arts trail, co-convened a major festival to celebrate iconic Australian artist Lloyd Rees on the South Coast of NSW in Australia, and co-managed another really interesting project to restore six large artworks painted by architectural students of Lloyd Rees in 1962 (pop over to the wordpress page for more info)  and I give lectures and talks on art history, and support local artists with advice and picture framing.



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