Art History e-Course

You are invited to undertake my Introduction to Modern European Art History e-course for free , in response to COVID 19. 

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If you are enjoying my stories about modern art, you might want to enrol in my art history e-course for the full story.

Introduction to Modern European Art is a comprehensive e-course which is suitable for adults who want to learn from home, and teachers and students of art history. It includes:

  • The context for rise of Modern Art in history
  • Discussion on each of the “isms” from the Modern Art period
    • key artists and artworks with lots of stories, videos, slideshows and links
    • exercises and questions
  • The Paris Salons – how artists exhibited and sold their works
  • Explanation of Art Terms and Colour Theory

Unlike many other programs, it also acknowledges the contribution of women artists to the history of art, and each module includes key women artists from the period.

art periods

the artists

There are lots of different websites where you can read about Modern Art, and there are some free programs you can do as well. So why would you pay for this one?

When writing the program, I had in mind those people who would like to do a face-to-face art appreciation program, but just don’t have access to one, and those people who simply want to be involved in adult education but prefer to study on their own. I’ve drawn on my own experience with both forms of study to design the program to meet both needs.

Because it’s highly researched, it’s very suitable for students and their teachers.  

It’s not about just reading information. It’s about being informed, challenged and encouraged to think about your responses to the information and artworks throughout the program. It’s about both appreciating the context and seeing the detail.

It’s about having the opportunity to respond as you become engaged with different aspects of Modern art. Some people prefer to think visually, so there are many expressive exercises throughout the program, as well as a number of written questions.

Like all good adult learning programs there is a variety of media;  written information, slideshows, lots of images (many not easily found elsewhere), videos and further readings.

And like all good adult learning programs, it’s been carefully researched from reliable sources. It’s been carefully formatted, so that each section is easily followed.

The purpose of my writing this art history program was to share my real love and interest in this period of art with others in a way that is really satisfying and engaging for the participants.

I hope you are enjoying these short excerpts from the program and that they encourage you to enrol.


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